A professional and personable service for renting and selling

Felix , 09 Feb 2022

Ron has assisted me with the apartment from a deceased estate now for several years, initially with removal of furniture and organising tradespeople for painting, floor sanding and light repairs, then to rent it out and finally to sell it. There were quite a few ups and downs in both the renting and the selling process, due to the market during covid and the usual tenant stuff, and Ron managed to weather it and absorb the blows, and bounce back and continue the process without really getting stressed by it. He gave very good advice on topics such as to auction or not to auction, to re-lease or to sell, what to further renovate before selling, what to leave as is. He has clearly seen all the typical buyers and tenants in the neighbourhood and is knowledgeable and realistic about what to expect and how to respond. He explained the forces on the Sydney real estate market referring to both factors going on at the street level as well as broader national economic factors. I was overseas for most of the process and Ron was flexible to help communication to work with time zone differences and my preferred technology. He kept me informed of what was going on in Sydney and is very personable with his communication.