Things To Consider When Preparing Your Property To Rent


Water remains connected and in the landlord’s name. We can manage and pay both supply and consumption charges on your behalf. If the property’s water usage is metered and water efficiency standards are met we will invoice the tenant for their water usage.


Council rates

We can pay these on your behalf every quarter without any cost to you. This will allow us to provide you with an End Of Financial Year summary to present to your account who can easily and efficiently assess all income and outgoings such as Water and Council rates, Strata expenses and any maintenance costs.


Strata/company title

Please supply a full copy of the buildings by-laws along with the Strata/company managers details.


Gas and electricity

Please disconnect before the tenancy begins as the tenant will need to set up and activate their own account.


Mail redirection

Arrange to have your mail sent to your new address, the tenant will also have a special condition in their lease to hand in all mail addressed to the landlord.


Information booklets and manuals

Appliances and alarm information is always useful and handy for the tenant. If you have these, please supply us with a copy so that we can keep a copy on file and give one to the tenant.



Please supply 2 full sets of keys, one for the tenant and one for our office.



Please supply 1 for each car space, plus a spare for our office.


Compliance requirements (please click the links below for further information)

Water Efficiency Standards (click here) 

Health, Safety and Security requirements (click here) 

Smoke alarms – (click here)