Prompt Service, Personable Professional Service, Ron and his team cares

Daniel Najjar , 09 Feb 2022

Ron Danieli continues to manage multiple properties in Elizabeth Bay and Rushcutters Bay for my wife and I, since we had the good fortune of meeting him in 2007. To this day I would not trust anyone else.

Ron is the supreme professional real estate manager and has at all times exhibited exceptional manners, offered sound advice, and given prompt service.

Ron meets all challenges faced by property owners and tenants alike, with edifying equanimity, and chooses to solve them for you to the best of his ability.

There are plenty of other shopfronts advertising RE services which will scream how ‘passionate’ they are delivering real estate services, but Ron Danieli delivers his personable style of professional service borne of his strong work ethic and good manners. You may judge which motive is the more reliable.

Ron Danieli plays the long game. He is a professional real estate agent with a perspective of many years and has seen strong market gains and downturns. Ron sees the human being in tenants and owners, vendors and buyers alike, I am not too sure about the sub-human strata managers, (with the exception of Ron, of course) and will negotiate the best possible outcome, always, you can be sure.

Ron Danieli’s professional service has remained the one constant in an ever-changing world. Not surprisingly, he attracts like-minded professionals to him, such as his excellent protégé, Mr Daniel Somorjay, who reflects Ron in every professional way.

Ron’s administrative staff who perform essential tasks to running a smooth operation have always been polite, attentive, unhurried, but efficient, and treat every interaction with a sensitivity, a care to the details and your highest confidentiality.

Ron Danieli heads a formidable team in the 2011 post code area. You will travel a long way to find someone as good as Ron Danieli, but you simply will not find anyone better. Ron simply cares, and so does his team.

I don’t write reviews as a rule but thought it only fair Ron Danieli RE gets recognised here.