High level of Customer Service, Dignity, Respect, Treated Equal

M Ricciardi , 09 Feb 2022

The first time I dealt with Ron and his team was in 2005 when I first moved to Sydney. Now, more than 15 years later I had the pleasure of doing business with them again.
And what stood out to me is that in these 15 years realestate companies got bigger, more complicated and completely lost touch with the human side of the property business.
Vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants were more and more turned into numbers and the people behind those numbers became invisible.
Before dealing with Ron Danieli Real Estate office this time round, i had the unpleasant experience of dealing with some of his local competitors and I can confidently say no one got even closer to providing the level of service i got from his team.
You know you are dealing with a good business when you’re treated with dignity and respect regardless of how big or small of a client you are.
Highly recommend!!!