Real Estate Double Bay

Your house is often one of your largest investments in your portfolio, so it would only be natural to want to service the transition of your real estate Double Bay with the help of an involved and experienced professional. Realizing that the key to selling and buying houses successfully comes from a “customer comes first” mentality, Ron Danieli started up his boutique real estate agency, Ron Danieli Real Estate Double Bay to provide better service twelve years ago, and has never looked back.

Specialising in Apartments for sale, units for rent, and homes in the Australia region, we understand the volatile real estate market of Sydney and knows how to secure the best deal for its clients. Having undertaken university studies of Negotiations, Customer Relations, and Marketing, Ron Danieli has over a quarter of a century’s worth of experience and qualifications to assure you that he is the man for the job.

Our Main Services are providing clients in the Double Bay area with the best apartments and homes for sale & rent.

Of particular pride is Ron Danieli Real Estate’s unparalleled handling of investment properties purchased in self-managed super funds. Whether it be homes for sale, apartments to rent or a market consultation, Ron has devoted the majority of his corporate life to understanding and developing the most efficient techniques for managing and selling superfund owned properties. Ron Danieli Real Estate excels at this corner of the market thanks to its high level of customer service and an individually tailored approach for each client.

Working closely with real estate advertisers, Ron owes much of his perfect sale rate to his ability to generate a wide interest for all of his properties, ensuring that if you have homes for sale, buyers will know it. Working online, and advertising through his prominent office, Ron Danieli gives your home a full marketing campaign. With his in-depth approach, marketing experience, and specific qualifications, it’s no wonder Ron Danieli is so highly regarded in the region.

Ron Danieli strongly believes in providing a service that is unmatched in this industry. We have dedicated every ounce of energy and team sprit to ensuring that our clients are provided with the best service whether they are looking to sell their property or perhaps get on one rent. Our ironclad negotiation skills coupled with Ron Danieli’s market reputation ensures that every one of our clients is promptly served with the outcome of their choice in the shortest period of time.

As seasoned real estate professionals we provide a full-service solution. Which is second to none, as a matter of fact, what makes us stand out from the crowd is our dedication to providing a solution that works closely with our clients for the quickest and most efficient outcome. This coupled with Ron Danieli’s own experience as one of the quickest and most efficient real estate experts ensures that no property is difficult or impossible to sell, rent, or buy. We also provide clients with insights into the market which are accurate and allow for them to make the best decision based on our experience. So, there is no wonder why we are the service of choice for investors in Sydney.

For a direct line to a prompt and friendly staff member, contact us at 02 9358 8998 to get the ball rolling on your next big investment.